For those of you who didn’t know this, Duotrope’s Digest, “a free writers’ resource listing over 2800 current Fiction and Poetry publications,” has a theme and deadline calendar found here:

It’s a great compilation of upcoming publication submission deadlines, dealines for contests, which, by the way, Duotrope only lists “contests that don’t charge entry/reading fees,” and a listing of mag themes, if applicable.  You can also subscribe to this information using the site’s RSS 2.0 feeds.

There are more than 50 mags listed with today and tomorrow deadlines for both poetry and fiction.  Many mags look for art submissions, too!  So if you want to submit your work or have work that fits with certain themes, check out Duotrope’s Theme and Deadline Calendar ASAP and see how much easier keeping track of submission deadlines can be. 

If you knew about this, great!  We here at HRR hope you’re using it!!!

Happy January 31 and Happy Submitting!


So it’s been a while since the last blog, and I’m still a little out of it after all the job turmoil.  Therefore, I wanted to borrow a great post from Marisa Kakoulas at  Marisa did a lot of work compiling her Holiday Must-Have Books Guide, so I wanted to spread the knowledge here.  Find her post at

I would add Dorothy Parker’s Elbow: Tattoos on Writers, Writers on Tattoos edited by Kim Addonizio & Cheryl Dumesnil and Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man, a classic. 

There are additional books added in the N&S comments, so go have a look and get some gift-giving ideas–just in time for the holidays!
















Wendy Thomas, mother of six from Merrimack, New Hampshire, got her first tattoo at 47, some years after having had six children.  Thomas shares with HRR the place and purpose of her ink, “It was something I had thought long and hard about.  Just below my right wrist (on top), I have a black colon and exclamation point.”

Wendy adds, “I had always wanted to be a writer, but you know how kids (and especially 6 kids) can crowd dreams out. Now that the kids [are] older and [don’t] require my full attention as much, I got the tattoo to remind me in code that

If I want to be a writer, then I have to write:

if I write, things will be amazing (!).

Easy as that. It did it for me; it [her tiny tattoo] inspires me on a daily basis; it reminds me of my long life dream and to “just do it.”  

Something so small and permanent has such a large effect on the inspiration and motivation of one woman who has realized that not only was she meant to be a mother, but also she was destined to be a writer.  Let’s hope it inspires many of us. 

Once again language and art merge into the realms of WONDER and PASSION!

You can catch the rest of her story written by Thomas at

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