To submit or not to submit

July 27, 2009

That is the bloody question!

It is pretty normal for poets to submit their work to mags, but HRR wants to know why most–not all–but most tattoo artists tend to be meek about submitting. They post their work all over facebook, so why not send some jpegs to HRR?

1) Is it because they’re worried that their work will be copied? wait a minute–fb is pretty public! and HRR uses the proper legal documentation regarding copyright.

2) Is it because they don’t have time to submit and no one to help them submit?–we’ll help; tell us what we need to do.

3) Is it because HRR can’t pay its contributors?–sorry about that; we’ve tried to raise money to pay everyone, but it seems almost impossible to do! ANY IDEAS HERE WOULD BE GREAT!

4) Is it because tattoo artists would rather have their work in a hard-core tattoo mag than a literary arts journal?

5) Is it because HRR is too new with no one from the “tattoo world” on staff?

We’d really like to get some feedback from tattoo artists and anyone else who would like to help us understand, and, hopefully, create enough conversation to encourage tattoo artists/tattoo wearers to submit.

Please let us know your thoughts/feelings on this. I’m sure I’m only skimming the surface here, so we could really use your feedback.hrr logo



8 Responses to “To submit or not to submit”

  1. Jillian Says:

    Perhaps more exposure would be key here…

    Maybe not enough tattoo artists are aware of the journal? You may want to print up some cool postcards to hand out with a little info about Holly Rose Review. With some graphics, etc. I’d be happy to leave them around coffee shops and what not in Chicago!


    • theresa Says:

      hey, jillian!

      thanks for the reply. i’ll try to make some cards or flyers up for you and send them your way. it would be nice to get some exposure in the local chicago spots! we’ll see what happens…

  2. Rhonda Palmer Says:

    I DO grab people with an obvious love of tattoos and tell them about Holly Rose. Maybe if I grab less hard and leave fewer bruises?

  3. Tamra Says:

    I’m not a tatto artist just a huge fan of all art and I find tattoos amazing. I’ll be spreading the word and drop by local shops to let them know too. I have many friends with tattoos…. I’ll do what I do best…. blab and spread the word. I appreciate this site. Thanks for asking for feedback.

  4. Theresa Says:


    Thanks for your appreciation of HRR, and please spread the word.

    Where do you live?

    And thanks for the feedback. If you’ve got more, send it to us.

  5. Christine Says:

    The hardest part is getting the word out. Hype the heck out of Facebook, MySpace and other social networking sites. Put up flyers etc. Ask members to “talk it up.” Also, see if you can talk about this project on a radio talk or TV news (local or otherwise), or if your regional papers would be interested in doing a story about the HRR concept.

    It’s worth a shot!

    • Theresa Says:

      I did put up flyers in the past, but I’m going to make some more. That seems to be the consensus.

      I blurbed about HRR on Live Talk Radio via Poetry Super Highway a while back.

      Yesterday I sent an e-mail to the editor of Inked Mag, asking if he’d be interested in doing a story. I’m going to e-mail a local publisher I know, see if she’d consider a story in one of her mags.

      Thanks for the feedback, Christine. Are you a tattoo artist?

      I have an additional question: What if a lot of tattoo artists know about HRR but still don’t submit???? Is this normal? Should I be asking more photographers to send their work????

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