Seven Beckham, one of the tattoo artists in HRR’s June issue has an 8-page feature in International Tattoo Art Magazine September’s Issue.  Congrats to him!

Here’s Seven’s piece in HRR’s June issue.  What d’ya think? 

Tattoo by Seven Beckham

Tattoo by Seven Beckham


That is the bloody question!

It is pretty normal for poets to submit their work to mags, but HRR wants to know why most–not all–but most tattoo artists tend to be meek about submitting. They post their work all over facebook, so why not send some jpegs to HRR?

1) Is it because they’re worried that their work will be copied? wait a minute–fb is pretty public! and HRR uses the proper legal documentation regarding copyright.

2) Is it because they don’t have time to submit and no one to help them submit?–we’ll help; tell us what we need to do.

3) Is it because HRR can’t pay its contributors?–sorry about that; we’ve tried to raise money to pay everyone, but it seems almost impossible to do! ANY IDEAS HERE WOULD BE GREAT!

4) Is it because tattoo artists would rather have their work in a hard-core tattoo mag than a literary arts journal?

5) Is it because HRR is too new with no one from the “tattoo world” on staff?

We’d really like to get some feedback from tattoo artists and anyone else who would like to help us understand, and, hopefully, create enough conversation to encourage tattoo artists/tattoo wearers to submit.

Please let us know your thoughts/feelings on this. I’m sure I’m only skimming the surface here, so we could really use your feedback.hrr logo